Iris Ohyama forecasts a big growth


The Japanese company Iris Ohyama, entered in the appliance market in 2009, forecast a sales growing of 50 percent this year, compared to 644 million dollar recorded in 2016. To conquer consumers choices, it will offer cheaper alternatives to the products proposed by the market big players. Iris started its activity in the furnishings sector, extending then in the home appliances market with a range that includes vacuum cleaners, rice cookers, ovens and air conditioning.
Kentaro Ohyama, president of the company declared that: «Iris Ohyama has two beliefs in business development: strive for innovation without being captive to the concepts of the past and create a market and demand based on the findings and development of “user ideas”. Our Company fostered waste-free innovation by integrating manufacturing and wholesale trade, and by ignoring the stereotypical plastics manufacturers’ methods of production, creating, instead, many different categories of goods and material products, such as wood, metal, electronic products, and pet foods, in addition to plastic products.»