The new energy savings solution by Olimpia Splendid


Unico Inverter 13 A+ hp air conditioner is the new model launched by the Italian company Olimpia Splendid that ensures a great level of energy saving. New entry in the Unico range, that includes products without external unit, it is a solution ideal both for cooling and for heating, able to reduce up to 25% energy consumption. It born after a specific study of Olimpia Splendid about the thermal loads during all the day: this is because the heat demand of buildings changes significantly depending on climatic factors such as sun exposure, outside air temperature as well as the number of people in the room and so on. The air conditioners are generally sized to meet the maximum thermal load but in the remaining hours of the day they may be oversized compared to real thermal needs. Unico Inverter 13 A + hp features the Dual Inverter Mode that is able to make the air conditioner able to satisfy the biggest energy needs but also to save energy when there is no need of it. The product is so ranked in A+ class. In addition it is also equipped with the multi-filtering Pure System 2 System, which combines an electrostatic filter and active carbon filter, reducing pollution present in the home air.