Marmo Arredo: know-how in the stones transformation



Transforming marbles, granites, natural and composite stones for the furniture industry is the mission of Marmo Arredo, Italian company of Fin.Scap Group, operating on the international markets for more than thirty years. Among its main products for interior design, it realizes kitchen worktops and coverings, recently presented at the latest edition of Living Kitchen. The company ensures great care in optimizing the small details and allows to create large size continuous worktops without visible joint. One of the most interesting innovations of the company is the wireless charger system fully integrated in the countertop: this technology can be used in the kitchen and other places of the house and allows to charge smartphones or tablets just by placing the device on the special adhesive indicator. Fin.Scap Group gathered the deep know-how in manual workmanship and high-technology of Marmo Arredo and other two companies, Quartzforms and Eulithe, with different specializations in the processing of quartz and resin the first and of other stones the second, that has patented a new rigid polyurethane foam as light support for stone materials and as a sandwich of “core material”.