Whirlpool: what people think about smart home?


“Most homeowners are familiar with the Smart Home (69 percent) and almost half of homeowners claim their home is currently “smart” (45 percent)”. These are the results of the first Smart Home survey by Whirlpool, that offers many smart appliances, studying the people needs and wishes.whirlpool-survey
What is interesting is that consumers are more and more aware of smart home potential and of IoT functionalities at home so that the sector market will probably go on growing.
According to the Whirlpool survey, two-thirds (66 percent) of homeowners and 86 percent of parents say it is likely their next appliance purchase will be a smart appliance, and it’s clear the future home will be full of network-connected products that automate and control device features.
The biggest benefit of smart appliances, as cited in the survey, is to control the appliance remotely. In fact, nearly four in five homeowners feel that the ability to start and stop appliances, check the status of the appliance and/or adjust the appliance performance remotely is most valuable.
Homeowners are looking for a modern/futuristic look, but with built-in technology which is subtle to the eye. Simple interface and controls are key to 91 percent of homeowners surveyed. And while 79 percent agree eventually all appliances will be smart, homeowners still value quality construction, ease of use and functional design as top priorities.