Ceced urges for the publication of EU new ‘eco-rules’


ecodesign2Ceced Europe underlines the great urgency and importance for industry of the publication in the EU’s Official Journal of already voted ecodesign product measures. The lack of official publication creates unnecessary uncertainty for the home appliance sector which needs legal certainty when designing their products. According to Ceced, in fact, maintaining the effectiveness of ecodesign measures is fundamental: to date, they have been effective as they have regulated measurable, verifiable parameters, such as energy consumption in use, based on a clear and transparent methodology. The current ecodesign and energy labelling policies need accompanying measures that encourage the market uptake of energy efficient products.
Waiting for the eco-design measures publication, Ceced will release next year a new version of its standard for product information (the PI Standard). In addition to the regular maintenance of the database, this new version – version 16.0 – will reflect a complete update of all product information for both large and small home appliances (notably vacuum cleaners) contained in the standard, as well as a new product group covering information for venting hobs.