Whirlpool goes on with the ‘Wind for Industry’ project


whirlpoolAs part of Whirlpool Corporation’s commitment to producing products in the U.S. in a cost effective and environmentally efficient manner, the company announces a new step of the wind turbine project at its manufacturing plant in Ottawa, Ohio. The project objectives are to save money while offsetting the facility’s electrical consumption by more than 30 percent, or enough energy to power 300-400 American homes annually. The “Wind for Industry” project will be built and funded by One Energy. The project was first announced in May of 2016 and is expected to be completed early in 2017. The Ottawa plant is one of three Whirlpool Corporation manufacturing plants in Ohio that are investing in wind energy. Earlier this year, the company announced a three-turbine wind farm project at its Marion plant as well as a two turbine farm at its Findlay plant that has been running since January. The completion of Whirlpool Corporation’s newest wind projects in Ottawa and Marion has the potential to make Whirlpool Corporation one of the largest Fortune 500 consumers of on-site wind energy in the United States. Collectively, the company expects to generate enough clean energy to power more than 2,400 average American homes per year.