Groupe Seb recorded a very good Q3



Third quarter 2016 closed well for Groupe Seb, that reached more than 1.2 billion euro, with an increase of 6.8% (+6.5% like for like) compared to the same period of 2015. During all the first nine months, the company reached almost 3.4 billion euro, marking a growth of 3.9% (+6,2% like for like). Considering the period from January to September, Groupe Seb recorded a significant revenue growth in all the geographical areas, with the only exception of North America. Results was very positive in EMEA countries (+6,1%) Europe and Asia. In Western Europe the company’s revenue increased by 4,7% (like for like) and in the other European countries by 9,6%. In Asia Seb closed the first three quarters 2016 growing by 11,9% (+14,9 only in China). North America saw a decline of 5,3%, while South America grew by 1,4%.