Miele will present WT1 washer-dryer at IFA 2016


Miele WT1

IFA 2016 will be for Miele the occasion of launch some important news. One of them is the washer-dryer WT1, that features advanced functions, such as the fast and efficient PowerWash 2.0 cycle in combination with the new ‘QuickPower Wash&Dry’ that ensures that 4 kg of laundry are washed and dried in less than 3 hours; even a 5 kg load takes only half an hour longer. The WT1 is also available with TwinDos, the world’s only integrated dispenser system for two-phase liquid detergents, guaranteeing that even whites and/or heavily soiled laundry is immaculately washed. Depending on the feature set, the WT1 can be linked to the Internet via WLAN, using a free Miele app and without any additional hardware. When detergent levels in the cartridges are low, TwinDos even automatically relays this information to a smartphone or tablet PC, ordering option inclusive. Visitors to this year’s IFA will find Miele at its usual location in Building 2.1, with over 400 appliances on display in an area covering 3,000 m².