Four A for the new Hoover vacuum cleaners


Hoover Athos 4A_AT70_AT75011Hoover launches 4A Excellence in Performance, a sledge vacuum cleaners line entirely in class A, the highest performance certified by the energy label in terms of cleaning on all surfaces and low noise. The four A’s are released according to four different parameters: energy efficiency, suction effectiveness on hard surfaces and carpets, and quality of filtered air re-emission from the vacuum cleaner. The range includes three models with bag and three bagless, for which Hoover ensures that can guarantee energy savings of 50% compared to the high wattage models, suction capacity on hard surfaces greater than 111% and 91% on carpets and an efficiency of air filtering up to 99.98%. This vacuum cleaner line also features the new Intense Silent Power System which ensures a noise level of only 59 dBA whereas a normal conversation between two people generates a noise level of 65 dBA and the passage of a car get to 85 dBA.