Miele presents ‘The Invisible Kitchen’



Alongside its official presentation at EuroCucina, Miele will also organize a live show in downtown Milan: ‘The Invisible Kitchen’. During this special event, that will be held in Zona Tortona, the company promises to offer a journey to the future, in a kitchen that is now interconnected, convenient and guarantees even greater enjoyment of cooking. With this new concept, Miele promises also ‘untold pleasures – and assistance when necessary’. ‘The Invisible Kitchen’, in fact, is able to suggest recipes or shows how to create delicious dishes from what might be considered leftovers. «Primarily – as explained by Miele chief designer, Andreas Enslin – the purpose of ‘The Invisible Kitchen’ is to promote creativity and animate users to experiment and tread new ground, even going as far as taking account of a budding chef’s individual expertise and preferences. The requisite technology results from various blue-sky development projects at Miele’s in-house design centre, but steps discreetly back and remains deliberately low-key». To explain and show better the performance of ‘The Invisible Kitchen’ and the special event in Milan, Miele has also created the website https://theinvisiblekitchen.miele.com/ that offers up-to-the-minute texts, images and video content.