HAIER wants to expand in China



Increasing its market share in China and developing new smart home solutions. These are the main goals of Haier for this year.
The big Group will more than double capital spending to capture a greater share of the country’s e-commerce sales and produce new smart products.
«Many of our stores are in the smallest cities in China» Zhou Yun Jie, Haier Electronics chairman explains. In the future, we hope to expand them to become service centers, and a place where rural residents can test and buy items beyond just Haier products.»

Zhou Yun Jie, Haier Electronics chairman
Zhou Yun Jie, Haier Electronics chairman

Haier will invest 2 billion yuan (323 million dollars) to expand delivery capacity and turn rural stores into showrooms for third-party appliances and electronics. A portion of the money would also go toward producing more web-connected appliances users can control with their smartphones.
The company has already rolled out smart appliances such as heaters you can turn on with your mobile phone, and washing machines which adjust their cleaning functions according to clothing load. «Smart appliances in China – Zhou commented – are like mobile phones – their growth will be rapid. Chinese consumers are fond of technology, especially among the young.»