FRANKE: another step for the Group energy strategy



frankeFranke Group has recently put a new woodchip plant into operation at its Swiss headquarters in Aarburg. The initiative responds to the wide sustainable program of the company that, since the start of this year, has been sourcing its electricity exclusively from Swiss hydropower. Thanks to these measures, the group now covers the entire heat and power requirements for the Aarburg site using renewable, CO2-neutral energy sources and is thus investing in a secure supply of clean energy. After a nine-month construction period, the woodchip heating system, built according to the latest environmental standards, will replace the existing natural gas heating. Franke regards the total cost of CHF 6.5 million as a long-term investment in the secure supply of clean energy. Through targeted investments to improve energy efficiency, energy consumption has been reduced by 28% since 2009, which positively impacted on energy costs.