Gfk: people want brands to help them to live healthy


Couple brushing teeth in the bathroom

In a global survey, Gfk asked 28,000 consumers in 23 countries about the measures they take to maintain their physical health. This is a very important subject for people of any countries, today more than in the past, because consumers can use products that help them to take care of their health and of which of their family. So there are some fields, such as oral care, skin care and healthy eating that are considered with increasing interest, if they offer products that can help people to better their health at home in an easy way.
Over half (54%) of consumers globally interviewed by GfK say that they follow a regular oral care regimen, making it one of the most popular interventions to maintain physical health. The research showed a clear bias amongst older consumers, with those aged 50-59 most likely to maintain a good oral routine at 64%. In contrast, youngsters are least likely to invest in oral health – less than half (45%) have a regular oral regimen. «These results – as explained by GfK report – show that there are further opportunities to expand the oral care market, and in particular, to target the young with information and products that have more appeal and relevance to their lives».