More than 10 professional guides available free of charge

How to be prepared for the professional changes of 3D printing


3dThe revolution of 3D printing is now in action in many sectors: to be professionally prepared to this change is a challenge and a growth opportunity for all. 3D printing Creative provides a unique library of free professional guides that want to provide a first basic guidance on 3D printing as well as a number of benefits associated with the participation in events, courses and the purchase of publishing products specialized on 3D printing.
To give a concrete and immediate answer to the need of knowledge and guidance on 3D printing in the various professional fields, a library of free professional guides has been created, devoted to the main professional themes.
Each guide is dedicated to one sector and provides information on how 3D printing is changing the professional rules. It allows to focus on the issues that are and will be increasingly important for the job. It’s possible to download and read these guides directly from this page