Shopping ‘on demand’. Is this the future?


FujitsuAccording to Fujitsu’s 2020 vision, shopping will be more and more connected in the future, becoming a sort of ‘demand shopping’, a ‘click & collect’. “Shopping will be ‘on demand’ rather than store or on-line or catalogue – explained Federico Riboldi, business program manager of Fujitsu Italy. “Today’s – he continues – stores-based and Internet retailers will mix ‘n’ match and personalize order management, fulfillment and physical location to meet the needs of the shopper. Stores will still be the dominant channel but will be differentiated by mission – convenience, order fulfilment, showrooms, personalized services”. So, an effective strategy must build new selling platform with the integration of store pos, eCommerce, OMS, electronic/biometric payment and CRM systems for a seamless cross-channel shopping experience. Among the most important operations improvement, Fujitsu identifies store/order fulfilment, merchandising, space usage, shelf inventory, customer traffic flows – delivered via camera/sensor-based analysis of key assets and activities.