SMALVIC: a global concept of kitchen appliances


SmalvicSmalvic presents two new entries that will be introduced in 2015 catalog: the free standing kitchen LESS, designed by Marco Taietta, and the gas hob N.EX.T, designed by Federico Traverso. These new products are the results of the new strategy followed by the Italian company, started some years ago with the optimization of production processes through a project of Lean manufacturing and focused much more on the design. According to Smalvic philosophy, manufacturing kitchen appliances in Italy means creating unique products, that must last over time and be easy to use, reliable and featuring cutting edge technology and design. A process shared with the company customers and partners, recently awarded for the confidence in the relationship values ‚Äč‚Äčthat Smalvic always sustained and the contribution to the affirmation of the products. The ceo Paola Gasparini personally delivered a certificate of merit to the dealers of the brand Smalvic for Italy, that has been collaborating with the company for more than 40 years, and distributors for foreign companies, with a twenty years long collaboration. The international vision is a central point in the company strategy, as demonstrated by the products, increasingly oriented towards a global concept of kitchen appliance.