FULGOR MILANO presents its new range of advanced cooktops


FulgorFulgor Milano, historical brand of the Italian company Meneghetti, presents Supreme Full Power, a new line of advanced cooktops. Faithful to its original mission to promote Italian excellence around the world, this new proposal arises from the international expertise of the designers and the constant investment in research. The new products features several pluses to answer to all the modern needs. Thanks to touch Slider sensor controls, the cooktops of the Supreme Full Power  range are very easy to use. By simply swiping your fingers, you will be able to set the power of each cooking zone. Moreover, electronic sensors detect the presence of pans, in order to avoid accidental activation of the cooktops. Another high-performing feature is Power Booster, which enables you to increase the power of each cooking zone, therefore reducing cooking time. Besides, each cooking zone features its own Timer, with automatic switch off. An additional safety lock prevents the cooktop from switching on accidentally. Supreme Full Power has an attractive design, easily matching a wide range of kitchen tops. Fulgor Milano research on design, colors and materials has developed Material Grey (MAT), a new material with opaque shades which perfectly matches kitchen tops made out of agglomerate materials in real stone and cement.pinup-fulgor[1]