SBS S100: the XXL ‘king of the kitchen’ by Haier


Haier_Side by Side (6) (427x640)With a capacity of up to 792L the side by side refrigerator S100 by Haier can really be defined the big king of the kitchen. It is the premium proposal of the company for large families. The model features first-class performance and has a very sophisticated design, better suited for integration into new-generation kitchens. Furthermore, Haier offers customers a lifetime warranty on the refrigerator compressor of its one-metre-wide range. The new Haier refrigerator is significantly wider (100.5cm) and deeper (77cm) than a regular model. Among the main plus, S100 features the MyZone compartment, that allows the users to easily control the temperature to best suit their eating, cooking, and shopping habits. Whether you need to quickly cool drinks, preserve fruits and vegetables or keep an ideal temperature for meat and fish, it adapts to your needs at the touch of a button.  In addition to its big dimensions (190 x 100.5 x 77 cm), the SBS S100 has a low noise level (38dB) and many inventive built-in features, including an ice maker, bottle holder, and sliding pull-out drawers for easy maintenance. Its outstanding A+++ energy efficiency rating is best-in-class on the market for a product of its kind.