Versatile design for the new Vertigo series by KitchenAid


kitchenaid vertigoVersatile design is the main feature of the new series of refrigerators and wine cellars Vertigo by KitchenAid. These products, stylish and functional, have been designed to integrate into any type of kitchen according to the tastes and needs: the appliances are available in freestanding or built-in version, fully integrated or with fully flush installation. The management of the space and the attention to detail play a fundamental role in the design of these devices, which are very spacious (460-liter the refrigerator and 81 bottles the wine cellar). The patented Dual Movement hinges, which combine technological innovation and design, ensure high performances and allow a flush installation, providing excellent integration with cabinetry and countertops, and creating an elegant effect with linear and clean lines. The shelves of the refrigerator, also, are designed to be splittable and adjustable, in order to organize the space according to the needs. With the Multi-Temperature Drawer, consumer can even customize the large multifunction drawer on the bottom, using it as refrigerator, freezer or as a drawer for fresh ingredients. The products in the range, finally, are equipped with innovative technologies, in order to cool and freeze in the best way and have refined and essential lines.