Beko launches ‘DOMINO: The Little One’ game


Beko launches ‘DOMINO: The Little One’, an immersive gaming experience recently presented. It is a free-to-play 2D platformer adventure game available to all and designed to raise awareness among consumers about the consequences and challenges of climate change.

‘DOMINO: The Little One’ is a single-player game that sees players progress through a series of four chapters each linked to a key issue relating to the environment. Chapters include a landscape addressing the issue of single-use plastic, an environment that highlights the impact of fossil fuels, ecological imbalance and a world devastated by deforestation. Players will assume the role of an introverted and eco-anxious child named Domino with the mission to solve pressing environmental challenges in their dreams. Along the journey, the player is accompanied by a mysterious voice encouraging Domino to overcome their fears associated with climate change as well as highlight actions to be performed to combat the issues.

«Domino is a very different kind of launch for us at Beko – said Akın Garzanlı, Chief Marketing Officer of the company –. The findings from the UN’s Green Game Jam clearly indicate that an appetite for the worlds of sustainability and gaming to join forces with 68% of gamers wanting to engage more in environmental issues. They want to engage more, learn more, and contribute more. They want to be part of the solution. Domino is our way of reaching out to them. It is a game that encourages you to think critically and act ethically by presenting you the choices that we have».