Boffi Georgetown showroom doubles the space for Boffi|DePadova


The Boffi Georgetown showroom doubles the floor space dedicated to Boffi|DePadova, bringing together all the brands in the group under one roof. Boffi Georgetown, located at 3320 M Street, NW, Washington DC 20007, now features the unique collections of the Boffi|DePadova group and its Made in Italy brands, including the contemporary furnishings of De Padova. The showroom presents one location for the comprehensive offerings that emphasize Italian know-how.

The revamped and expanded display occupies 583 sqm and presents a way of living modeled around the kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe systems from Boffi, the partitions from ADL, the pieces from De Padova and its partnerships, including Paul Smith + De Padova for the EVERYDAY LIFE collection, as well as the inspiring furnishings from Time & Style ēdition of Japan.

«Located in Cady’s Alley in Georgetown’s design district, the new Boffi|DePadova exhibition space is the perfect setting for the group and its brands – Boffi says –. Surrounded by exposed brick with high ceilings, expansive windows, majestic skylights and an outdoor terrace, the showroom inside the historic two-floor building first opened in 2010. Over the years a tactile and sensorial journey has been designed by the group’s creative team to integrate a complete range of refined interior solutions suitable for every area of the house, from the indoors to the outside areas».