German Sustainability Award 2023 for Miele


Miele has received the German Sustainability Award 2023 for the second time since 2014. Jury recognized the long-lasting products and resource-saving production of the comapny, as well as lived responsibility towards supply chains and employees and measures aimed at saving CO2.

«This new and significant award confirms our intensive pursuit of a holistic sustainability strategy and our efforts to push our commitment with consistency – says Rebecca Steinhage, responsible as executive director for Human Resources and Corporate Affairs which includes sustainability at Miele -. The comapny won its first German Sustainability Award in 2014 for ‘high-level continuity in sustainable corporate governance’. Now the company is focused on climate protection and the conservation of resources with the goal of setting up a circular value chain for domestic appliances. We aim to achieve a situation in which all materials used in our appliances are returned to the material cycle at the end of their life». Steinhage will receive the award at the ceremony in Düsseldorf on November 23.

«Our appliances are not only very good when run in the Eco programme but also prove to be energy-saving across all programmes in daily use – explains Christoph Wendker, Vice President Corporate Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs and responsible for the company’s sustainability strategy -. A glance at Miele’s CO2 balance reveals just how important this is. Around 83 per cent of this is attributed to machines during their usage phase. This is not least so high because Miele appliances are particularly long-lasting. They are tested to the equivalent of up to 20 years’ service life. The excellent repair-friendliness of Miele appliances (and not only since this has been demanded by EU legislation) contributes towards prolonged usage. In addition to this, Miele stocks just under 90,000 different functional spare parts for a period of at least 15 years after the discontinuation of production – very special in this branch of industry».