Glem Gas aims to carbon neutrality


Glem Gas is more and more committed in reducing its enviromental impact. The company has recently announced the intention of embarking on the path of carbon neutrality, containing its carbon footprint. As it explains, «to fulfill the process of balancing the carbon dioxide emissions produced and the development of action plans aimed at their compensation, Glem Gas has set itself the goal of obtaining continuous improvements and concrete results for the protection of the environment along its entire supply chain productive, also through raising the awareness of its employees. In doing so, Glem Gas follows and anticipates market progress to guarantee the highest quality even when it comes to attention and respect for the environment; after all, we know that good cuisine is also made up of evolution».

Having therefore established the intention of minimizing the quantity of energy withdrawn from the grid and consequently also reducing CO2 emissions, the next step was to join the project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund which blends perfectly with the corporate vision of Economy, Society and Environment that Glem Gas has.

During 2023, with the contribution of the ENERGY FUND of the Emilia-Romagna Region, the installation of a photovoltaic system with a power of 399.84kW composed of over 700 panels was carried out and a revamping was carried out on an existing system since 2010 with a power of 150.00kWp, thus implementing 50% energy efficiency for its infrastructures. «This important action allows us to produce clean energy starting from the sun, as it is a natural and renewable source, and more precisely provides: production of 469,740 kWh of electricity every year, corresponding to 70 TOE/year (double compared to what has been produced up to now); reduction of CO2 emissions, more precisely 95.8 t/year of CO2 avoided; reduction of oil consumption in the production cycle, avoiding the annual production of 221,000 liters of oil».