Nautila by Arrital, the kitchen inspired by a logarithmic sequence


Arrital is a brand that operates in the kitchen design sector, representing values of contemporary design, Made in Italy, research and the ability to design innovative solutions and quality products. Among the company most interesting project, we can find Nautila. Design by Franco Driusso, the kitchen is inspired by a logarithmic sequence to create an architecture of images.

It offers different choices of finishes and details. Nautila-01, for example, features an aluminium profile that, in keeping with the entire Nautila project, angled at 45 degrees, creates a handy grip for opening the doors (also available with a straight edge). The base units with the practical pull-out open drawer in Oak Thermocooked are fitted with LED lighting.

The shelves in the large Gem Plus display units are available with or without built-in lighting. Optional recessed LED lighting can be added on the inner side panels of the tall units.