In the chef’s kingdom


MIA by Carlo Cracco is a domestic interpretation of the professional kitchen, whose distinctive element is the strong technological component. It was born from the collaboration between the starred chef and Scavolini and is designed for those who love to get involved in the kitchen, offering solutions inspired by the world of professional chefs. In this kitchen project, however, the aesthetic aspect is no less important than functionality: the different nuances and materials create elegant environments in which it is pleasant to cook and entertain guests.

Cutting-edge technologies
This super-equipped kitchen is designed to make every operation comfortable. Whether it is an island, wall or corner configuration, the characteristic trait is the compositional rigor, in order to better organize every activity. In addition to the appliances normally present in the kitchen (hob, oven, dishwasher, etc.), this project also includes sophisticated appliances such as the blast chiller, the vacuum drawer with the marinating function and the heating lamp to keep dishes warm. As far as the elimination of fumes and odors is concerned, the island hood with professional suction offers high performance and “extends” into a visible plate rack. Furthermore, to take advantage of vertical surfaces as well, the project includes Line System, a boiserie system enriched with accessories such as bottle holders, shelves and containers for aromatic herbs and food. In combination, the accessory-holder bar is available, which can be equipped with various items (for example, tablet holders, hooks, containers with or without lids). In addition, in line with the idea of creating a space that is not only well organized but also beautiful, the light Stopsol glass display cases, framed by aluminum profiles in a dark steel finish, are useful for neatly storing small appliances and kitchen utensils. Finally, as regards the handles, they are positioned horizontally on the base units and vertically on the columns for maximum comfort.

Professional solutions
To work in comfort and order, MIA by Carlo Cracco also offers further practical tools, such as the extractable top (equipped with knife holder and hole for throwing waste) and the sideboard, made of beech and equipped with a rolling pin, three roll holders, a magnetic knife holder and a chopping board.