For those who want more


True cooking enthusiasts need high-performance appliances that allow them to experiment with cooking techniques typical of the Horeca sector. The Pro lines and the most innovative appliances capable of supporting the creation of any type of recipe, with precision and with advanced technologies, are dedicated to this audience. The user can thus count on advanced and functional tools, which make it possible to easily manage the various stages of dishes preparation.

A new Pro version
Quantum induction hob by Falmec with integrated hood is renewed with the Pro version, improved in controls (thanks to a new touch slider) and in cooking technology, characterized by high performance in induction and new functions, including automatic pan recognition and end-of-cooking timer for each zone. In addition, the Quantum Pro hob in the Easy version is equipped with the Carbon.Zeo filter (integrated in the hood body and regenerable), which combines activated carbon and zeolite. Other features of the appliance are the Double Bridge, Recall (settings reset in case of accidental switching off), Keep Warm and Pause functions, Quick Start automatic switch-on and command lock. The hob, with a frame of the suction area in matt black steel with anti-scratch treatment, can be adjusted to 9 levels + Boost.

From hot to cold with a chef’s tool
Until recently it was an appliance only present in professional kitchens, today the blast chiller also arrives in the domestic channel and is a multifunctional tool capable of managing both cold and heat, expanding the possibilities of those who love to engage in cooking. The FBC 4500 TF X model by Fulgor Milano, belonging to the Combiset line, makes 11 functions available to the home chefs, with a temperature range from +75 to -30 °C. The cold functions include Blast chilling (+3°C), Freezing (-18°C), Cooling, Storage at 0°C and the program for quickly cooling drinks. Furthermore, thanks to the Sanitization function with blast chilling at -30°C, it is possible to treat raw fish to prepare sushi at home. Another useful program is Defrosting and, as far as heat is concerned, the Slow Cooking, Ready to Serve and Leavening functions are available. Furthermore, the blast chiller has an internal capacity of 40 liters and is equipped with TFT touch controls, a probe for measuring the core temperature of the food, a grill and a glass tray with high thermal resistance.

For a super dinner, a SuperOven
SuperOven Model 1S by Unox Casa brings the excellence of catering to home. Compact and equipped with a single cooking chamber (but the Model 1 version with double oven is also available), this appliance allows to activate over 400 automatic cooking programs via the digital panel. The sensors in the appliance continuously monitor the percentage of humidity inside the cooking chamber, allowing food to be cooked evenly and quickly. Moreover, the digital platform “Cook Like a Chef”, integrated in SuperOven, was created specifically to help users develop a passion for cooking and find continuous inspiration with the support of the Unox Casa Chefs. The company has created more than 100 video recipes that illustrate the preparation and cooking phases of dishes: at the end it is possible to download the chosen recipe directly on the oven.

Perimeter extraction for high performance
For those who love cooking, the hood is an appliance no less essential than cooking appliances. The Elea model, proposed by Baraldi, is able to capture fumes and vapors on the entire lower surface of the product thanks to the perimeter extraction created without interruptions in a single element. This large-sized appliance is equipped with 3 speeds (in addition to the Intensive mode with timer) and high-power LED lights distributed throughout the lower level. The 116, 146 and 176 cm island versions (with fireplace on the right, left or central) have recently been joined by the 150 and 180 cm wall-mounted models (in scratch-resistant black or stainless steel colors). The low-consumption motors reach a flow rate of up to 900 m3/h. Moreover, the long horizontal top is useful for placing tools or ingredients for cooking and the wall-mounted versions can be supplied with a structure that incorporates additional shelves for storing other items.