Tools that make the difference


Slicing, mincing, kneading and emulsifying. Or packaging and cooking with the vacuum technique. Small appliances can perform numerous functions quickly and with great precision, but some products are more “professional” than others. The components and technologies present, together with the quality of materials and type of accessories, determine the level of performance that these appliances are able to achieve, allowing even the most complex preparations to be carried out.

Safe, precise and compact
Ideal for slicing cold cuts, meat, cheese and bread, the Lusso 195 GL CEV slicer by R.G.V. has professional features but in dimensions that make it suitable for domestic spaces as well. It is equipped with a die-cast base in lacquered aluminium; in addition blade cover, food tray, bulkhead of slice regulation and fixed ring of blade protection are in aluminium with polished anodic oxidation in order to obtain a hygienically clean and anti-corrosive product. The machine has a professional-type ventilated motor to limit heating and the haft holding the blade is mounted on a double ball-bearing which makes the slicer silent. A sturdy graduated knob allows to adjust the cutting thickness up to 14÷16 mm, while the professional blade is tempered ground hard chromium-plated to maintain cutting efficiency for a long time. The removable sharpener is available as an option. Finally, the slicer is easy to clean thanks to the total absence of areas where dirt can nest.

Luxury 195 GL CEV slicer by R.G.V.

For those who process large quantities of ingredients
The new Bowl-Lift stand mixers from KitchenAid are designed for intensive use as they are powerful and robust. The 5.6 or 6.6 liter bowl is made of stainless steel: it can be lowered and raised using a special lever and remains stable thanks to the 3-point block. These products make use of 11 speeds, including half speed, ideal for processing even the most delicate ingredients such as blueberries or egg whites. In addition, the Soft Start function gradually increases operation to the desired setting, to avoid splashing. The accessories are numerous, allowing to carry out a large variety of preparations. These include the 11-wire stainless steel whisk (for models with a 6.6-liter bowl), the silver-coated flexible double-edge whisk, the flat beater, the spiral dough hook and the splash-proof pourer lid. Furthermore, the planetary mixers are made in different colors.

A semi-professional machine even at home
Nevada SV by SICO KITCHENWARE® (brand of the Bisva company) is a vacuum packing machine suitable for small businesses but also for the most demanding home users. The machine is equipped with a patented magnetic system (which avoids the operator having to keep the vacuum bell pressed continuously), a professional vacuum gauge and a double filter which protects the pump from dust, liquids and impurities. In addition, it has a triple 320 mm sealing bar which guarantees effective sealing. This operation takes place automatically, as does the opening of the vacuum bell. The packaging machine is designed for continuous and intensive use: it is possible to use bags, rolls and containers, and the sealing time is adjustable on 10 levels. In addition, thanks to the Soft Vacuum function, even soft, fragile and moist foods can be packaged.

From vacuum packing to sous-vide cooking
Reber has created two appliances, which can be combined to vacuum pack foods and then cook them sous-vide. These are products built with the principles of professional appliances but suitable for domestic use. The 9700 N Family packaging machine features a professional vacuum gauge, energy saving system, automatic operation with the possibility of manual use and programmable sealing. In addition, the machine is designed to operate continuously without the need for stops for cooling. Vacuum-packed foods can then be cooked using Gourmet Sous-vide. This appliance, also equipped with an energy-saving system, features a heat-resistant ABS tank with a stainless steel protection grid. It allows electronic programming of the temperature from 32° to 86° and has 9 pre-set programs for the most common cooking methods and 5 programs which can be memorized by the user. In addition, the timer is programmable with delayed start up to 9 hours and continuous running time up to 72 hours.