The 90 cm multi-function double oven by Grundig


The GEDM22300 model by Grundig is a 90 cm multi-function double oven, featuring eight cooking functions for the main oven and four functions for the top oven.
For added ease, this model is also equipped with useful cleaning features, including nano-coated glass doors and catalytic liners that catch dirt and grease from inside the appliance, whilst also reducing unwanted cooking odours.

This multifunction oven contains several heating elements and combines the attributes of a conventional and fan oven with a grill. These functions can either be used together or separately for high performance cooking results.

In addition, providing safe and simple access to food while it’s cooking, Grundig telescopic wire shelves can glide smoothly in and out of the oven. Their ability to support themselves without being held makes them ideal for serving up, or for making finishing touches to food before it enters the oven.