Just a step from the sea


An ancient building in lava stone in the heart of Pantelleria, a volcanic island “set” between the coasts of Sicily and Tunisia, has been renovated to become an elegant holiday home. The house stands in a privileged position, allowing to enjoy the panoramic view on the crystal sea: it is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and stands out for the contemporary mood of its interiors, which create a suggestive contrast with the traditional island architecture and the wild nature that surrounds the house.

Photo by Vincenzo Aluia

A space full of equipment
In the house everything has been designed to ensure maximum comfort, including spaces for cooking. A kitchen from the Ego line by Abimis has been installed in a rectangular-sized room: it is in AISI 304 stainless steel, with an orbitally polished finish, and is configured to meet practical and aesthetic needs. The kitchen has been divided into three functional zones, to create a large and ergonomic work area and allow all activities to be carried out thanks to a vast range of household appliances. The module dedicated to cooking is positioned on one wall, with burners integrated into the hob, retractable hood and two ovens. Furthermore, the block is completed by drawers of different sizes and by two compartments created for storing the chopping boards.

The glazed majolica tiles act as a backrest and as a decorative element. The module that houses the washing area is housed in the other long wall: it has two dishwashers (one of which is professional) and is flanked by the steel cup holder, designed by Abimis. In the center of the room, there is an island of considerable size, equipped with various storage compartments. The kitchen project is completed by a piece of furniture “in niche” with glass shelves in the upper part.

Photo by Vincenzo Aluia

“Hidden” refrigeration
In this project, the area dedicated to the conservation of food and drinks combines functional effectiveness with a solution characterized by essentiality in terms of aesthetics. In fact, four doors built into the wall opposite to the one dedicated to cooking, “hide” the professional refrigerators, offering adequate storage space and, at the same time, maintaining a clean, linear style.