Time is precious


The hectic pace of contemporary life has led to the creation of household appliances capable of performing some functions faster than in the past. In the field of kitchen products, in particular, the possibility of quickly heating the oven reduces waiting times, while the induction technology allows for example to boil a pot of water in a few minutes and to take advantage of the Boost function when user needs to have maximum power immediately. And if pungent cooking odors need to be eliminated, hoods with intensive function reach the goal in a short time. Finally, as regards dishwashers, the presence of programs for rapid washing allows for faster cleaning operations.

Induction cooking with suction: fast, effective and precise
Brera by Falmec is an advanced system in which the cooking area and the extraction one are joined by a monochromatic glass, distinguished only by a thin slot that defines the two zones. The induction hob can be set to 9 speeds + Boost through the touch button panel, while the integrated hood (which also adds space savings to time savings) guarantees high suction performance, silence and energy efficiency. When the hob is in operation, the rear part opens automatically to extract cooking fumes. In addition to the advantages in terms of speed, further strengths of the product are the 800 m3/h Brushless motor and the Carbon.Zeo filtration system in the filtering version.
The Brera cooking system by Falmec

Quickly and well
There are several elements that allow the Cluster Concept FCLO 6215 TEM BK multifunction oven by Fulgor Milano to do quickly and well thanks to advanced functions. Starting with rapid pre-heating and multi-level cooking that makes it possible to cook several dishes at the same time without mixing odors. Furthermore, the pre-selected and modifiable recipe book (weight and time) avoids the user having to set the oven manually, while on the control panel the shortcut keyboard speeds up the selection operation. At the end of the process, the assisted cleaning cycle simplifies a task that normally requires the user time and effort. Other pluses of the appliance are the CREACTIVE Extended operating system, the 15 cooking functions and the A++ class.
Cluster Concept FCLO 6215 TEM BK oven by Fulgor Milano

Intensive speed and silence
The hood integrated into the Silenzio wall unit by Galvamet is equipped with Intensive mode (in addition to the 3 selectable speeds): it can be activated through the touch screen controls to quickly eliminate cooking odors. In addition to this function, the product features several other advantages, such as the internal soundproofing system that allows to cook without being disturbed by the noise of the appliance on, the adjustable delayed self-shutdown (function that allows to set the product to switch off, so that the right level of air purity is restored in the shortest possible time), the temperature and intensity of the light adjustable at will, etc.
Silenzio hood by Galvamet

Clean dishes in less than an hour
There are several ways to have clean dishes even when time is short. For example, the GNVP4630BW 16 place setting dishwasher by Grundig (GR7700 series, Prologue collection) is equipped with QuickWash program, which washes in just 58 minutes, drying included. Furthermore, the Mini 30' program is ideal for cleaning lightly soiled dishes and glasses in half an hour or the Express function reduces the washing time by up to 50% by adopting a higher spray pressure. Another technology present in this machine is AutoDose, which automatically adjusts the amount of detergent needed. The user only fills the tank once and the dishwasher automatically picks up the detergent, on average for 23 washes. Finally, the Direct Access commands allow to select the desired program quickly by touching the icon. The product can also be managed remotely with the HomeWhiz app.

Grundig GNVP4630BW fully concealed dishwasher, GR7700 series, Prologue collection