Very Simple Kitchen with Dutch duo Kiki & Joost at the Dutch Design Week


Very Simple Kitchen took part to the Dutch Design Week 2022, held from 22 to 30 October in Eindhoven, launching an exclusive collaboration with Dutch duo Kiki & Joost, which forms part of the “Low Resolution” exhibition project, presented by the two designers at their Eindhoven studio.

«For the exhibition, Very Simple Kitchen has drawn inspiration from their approach – explains the company -, creating a kitchen island in a custom-painted pink version with rounded corners and a white Carrara marble top based on the duo’s own design. The module, which is positioned in the center of the Eindhoven studio, is conceived as an artistic installation and a place for community».

The module acts as a canvas on which Kiki & Joost has created several designs and decorations, transforming the kitchen into a work of art. Completing the setting is a lighting project, designed by the Dutch designers, consisting of lamps painted in “Faded Yellow” – one of the standard colors in the Very Simple Kitchen catalog – created by reusing the iconic kitchen handles.