The new Automatic Bread Maker by Panasonic


Panasonic recently launched the Automatic Bread Maker (SD-R2550), an innovative home appliance for baking a variety of baked goods from the comfort of the user home, including breads, doughs, sweets, a variety of gluten-free options, and more. The Automatic Bread Maker comes equipped with innovative Panasonic technology, customizable manual settings, and 20 pre-set programs for making easy and delicious baked goods at home.

Moreover, new manual setting modes (Dough Kneading Mode and Fermentation Mode) replicate the kneading techniques of an artisan baker and can be customized to the recipe for the ideal kneading and fermentation times. A Double Temperature Sensor automatically measures the room temperature and internal temperature and adjusts how much time the dough needs to rise and rest in order to achieve a perfectly risen loaf of a bread. A unique kneading blade works with the specially placed ribs in the bread pan to deliver the best-tasting bread with the ideal texture and a Raisin & Nut Dispenser automatically funnels raisins, nuts, or seeds into the pan at the best timing for even distribution.

For the ideal loaf every time, users can select from three loaf sizes (medium, large, x-large) and three crust shades (light, medium, dark) to achieve a desired size and color combination. The Automatic Bread Maker comes equipped with a non-stick, ribbed bread pan that can hold and stretch dough without it sticking to the pan, a measuring cup/spoon, a sourdough cup/starter spoon, and a quick start guidebook that contains a variety of mouth-watering recipes and the operating instructions.