LG Signature in Milan with the ‘True to Food’ philosophy


During this year’s edition of Milan Design Week, LG organized special events, enabling visitors to experience the value and craftsman-like quality of the Signature Kitchen Suite lineup of premium built-in appliances. The Signature Kitchen Suite’s appliances include pro ranges designed to cook local specialties (be it sous vide, induction, gas, griddle, true convection or steam) that best preserves their distinctive flavors and honors local culinary traditions.

Signature Kitchen Suite’s ‘True to Food’ philosophy centers on the importance of preserving the original flavors of fresh ingredients, and is underpinned by a full understanding and sincere appreciation of the journey of good food.

This philosophy could be seen, smelled and tasted throughout the variety of activities and displays held in Milan – including cooking shows, concept catering, illustrative artwork and wine tastings – delivered in collaboration with chefs, artists and influencers who share the brand’s ideals.