New accessories for Miele induction hobs

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Miele enlarges its range of accessories to cook with its induction hobs. Thanking with these new products, users can have an Asian tepan yaki, an indoor grill and a high-quality ‘All Steel’ set of pans specially designed for Miele by the Finnish manufacturer Fiskars.

On the tepan yaki, meat, fish and vegetables are turned, distributed and cut using spatulas and slices – and all cooked at lightning speed. With their multi-layer design, the stainless-steel plate from Miele reaches high temperatures fast, is ready for use in next to no time and supports a healthy, low-fat diet. Measuring 41 x 24.2 cm, it completely covers a PowerFlex zone.

The Gourmet griddle from Miele is another new Miele accessory. It fits on all models with PowerFlex zones and full-surface induction. The undulating surface structure creates the typical char marks on food and contributes towards an incomparable grill aroma. After a barbecue, cleaning is fast and uncomplicated. As on the tepan yaki, four small silicone pads ensure a secure stand.

Finally, the new ‘All Steel’ set of pans in the Miele range, made from brushed stainless steel, meets all these requirements and also features a 5-ply sandwich base, manufactured exclusively for Miele by the Finnish company Fiskars. This pan base reduces possible noises during cooking on induction hobs to a bare minimum.