With Arden FirstBuild changes the barbecue rules


FirstBuild, the global co-creation community and open innovation lab backed by GE Appliances, a Haier Company, announces the launch of a very innovative product: Arden, a pellet barbeque smoker that’s been transformed to be used indoors instead of out. New kind of small appliance, it enables anyone to easily create mouthwatering barbecue from the kitchen, thanks to a unique smoke elimination system first innovated at FirstBuild for the Monogram Smart Hearth Oven. This system allows Arden to be used in any indoor setting.

The FirstBuild product generates fresh smoke from wood pellets, and make it circulate throughout the appliance. Temperature can be controlled in a precise way throughout the cooking process. Moreover, the Arden’s smoke-elimination technology requires no additional filters to clean or replace.

In addition, maximizing countertop space, Arden can feed a family without having to fire up the big smoker outside. Arden can smoke up to three racks of ribs at a time, or a brisket, or a pork butt, as well as spices, cocktail garnishes, sauces and more. Arden’s remarkable smoke generation system also means it only needs a fraction of the amount of wood pellets when compared to an outdoor smoker.

«Arden changes what it means to barbecue – said André Zdanow, executive director of both FirstBuild and Small Appliances at GE Appliances -. Arden is more than a revolutionary new product; it redefines in-home cooking. Arden will both delight experienced pitmasters and make smoking food and ingredients accessible to a whole new audience.»