LG soundbars realized with a big focus on sustainability


LG Electronics soundbars are realized with a green process ensuring a low environment impact at every stage of the product lifecycle. «LG’s premium sound solutions – the company explains – employ reused and easily recyclable materials, consume less power during usage than many competing products and have been shipping in innovative, eco-conscious packaging since last year».

Every 2021 LG Soundbar product features a durable, sturdy inner casing constructed from recycled plastic with some models sporting a jersey fabric covering made from recycled PET bottles. LG uses an estimated total of 1.5 million 500 millimeter PET bottles per year to create the fabric for its soundbars.

Packaging is also sustainable, because LG uses molded pulp made with recycled paper and cardboard instead of EPS foam and plastic which are difficult to break down and can further pollute the environment by off-gassing. By switching to molded pulp, LG is reinforcing its commitment to the planet and lowering the use of EPS foam by 250 tons annually. Using recycled plastics in every 2021 LG Soundbar allows the company to reduce plastic waste to the tune of approximately 300 tons per year.