Valcucine presents its V-Light system


Valcucine proposes new projects focused on light effects. «Science shows that replicating natural light through modern artificial lighting systems, affects in a positive way people’s biological wellness – the company explains – as a matter of fact, lately there is more and more attention to HCL (Human Centric Lighting), a lighting orientated approach where individuals and their needs are key in the lighting design».

In this regard, one of the most interesting projects of Valcucine is the V-Light system. This solution allows to change the colour of the back panel by choosing the light that best suits the user depending on the mood, on the amount of natural light available and on the atmosphere he wants to create at that specific moment in time.

The back panel is made of polymethylmethacrylate, a material that diffuses light in a perfectly uniform way. The result is pleasant lighting with no glare. This expresses one of the basic concepts of Valcucine philosophy: freedom. Luminescent particles expand space, creating a hazy effect that fills the kitchen with natural light, just like opening a window.