Two Good Design Awards for Olimpia Splendid

Unico Art by Olimpia Splendid

Last December, the Italian company Olimpia Splendid was recognized with two Good Design Awards by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. Olimpia Splendid is specialized in air conditioning, heating and air treatment. The products awarded are Unico Art, the new air conditioner without external unit, signed Ercoli + Garlandini, and the new range of Aquaria S1 dehumidifiers, designed by the Skyrunner studio.

«This double recognition is proof that, for us at Olimpia Splendid, design it is only aesthetic, but something broader – explains Marco Saccone, managing director of the company -. Shapes, colors and materials are created to enhance the technological heart of each of our products and integrate it into indoor spaces in the best way. Because we want comfort is complete from any point of view».

Unico Art is the new air conditioner without outdoor unit by Olimpia Splendid. Designed by Sebastiano Ercoli and Alessandro Garlandini, it stands out for its soft lines, combined with a texture with a strong personality.

Aquaria S1 dehumidifie by Olimpia Splendid

Aquaria S1, intead, is a range of portable dehumifiers with models that has been completely reniewed from the technological point of view and in the aesthetic stile. The new appliances are characterized by new liter capacity and advanced filters for a complete air treatment. From the synergistic work with the Italian studio Skyrunner, an original mix of lines, shapes and colors was born that gives the product a contemporary, essential but refined design, in line with the Olimpia Splendid style of comfort.