Miele will launch its new App for smart appliances


The new Miele app – formerly Miele@mobile App – incorporates additional features which make operating smart domestic appliances, including the integration of service, even more concise and much more fun. The new Miele app integrates a more complex range of functions in a way which is still user-friendly. From the washing machine to the Dialog oven, this app covers 26 product groups and increases the number of machine-specific use cases several-fold.

Moreover, Miele has further simplified the registration process known as ‘pairing’. The primary user interface is a dashboard in a low-key design with fast access to all machines. Navigation to further features, for instance an overview of all smart assistants, is intuitive and inspiring. The hygiene assistant is a new feature which prompts the user to run a higher-temperature programme after a series of low-temperature cycles in the interest of hygiene.

Familiar applications have been retained and have even been expanded, including CookAssist, step-by-step instructions to arrive at very good frying results, and the BaristaAssistant which makes a series of coffees ‘tasting-style’. The Miele app is freely accessible to all users and includes a whole host of preparation suggestions which are tailored to special features of Miele appliances.

With Smart Food ID and Smart Browning Control, the new Miele app for the first time includes pay-for applications for ovens which can be remotely uploaded (currently only for Denmark). This feature relies on an integrated camera inside the oven which recognises food. In the pipeline, too, is a new in-app shop: more than 1,000 consumables and accessories can later be ordered from Miele via the app (without having to switch to the Miele online shop, feature is currently only available in Great Britain).

Altogether, the app is available worldwide in no fewer than 52 countries. Its launch is accompanied by a social media campaign on Instagram sfrom mid-July onwards. During the course of this year, further releases introducing improvements are planned, together with continued development of the range of recipes.