Miele’s PUR 98 W hood obtained a very good evaluation by Stiftung Warentest


Germany’s consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest addigned a top mark of 2.0 to Miele’s PUR 98 W cooker hood. In total, the watchdog examined 18 cooker hoods in recirculation mode and published the results in the 3/2021 issue of the ‘test’ magazine. In virtually all aspects of the test, Miele’s extractor hood was awarded a ‘Good’ or ‘Very good’. In the functionality test on chimney hoods, in particular, it resulted that the Miele units do up to 90% of grease from cooking vapours This is achieved with Miele’s tried-and-tested 10-ply stainless-steel filter. In recirculation mode (retrofittable and the subject of this test), the downstream Active AirClean filter containing activated charcoal absorbs odours. This guarantees a pleasant micro-climate in the kitchen by removing smells which would otherwise linger on after cooking has ended. Similarly, sound emissions were also rated ‘Good’, thanks to a double-action radial fan which combines excellent performance with low noise levels. This made the Miele unit one of the quietest in the test. In terms of handling, the PUR 98 W was given a ‘Good’ (2.0), making it the best candidate in the test. The grease filters are dishwasher-proof. Thanks to an outer-ply mesh made from stainless steel and a stainless frame, there is no discolouration, even after many wash cycles (awarded a ‘Very good’). Further top marks were awarded for convenient filter replacement and ease of operation. Easy-to-follow operating instructions also clinched a ‘Very good’. In the ‘Safety and Workmanship’ section, only the Miele cooker hood achieved a ‘Very good’. The grease filters, for example, conceal Miele’s CleanCover – an enclosed, smooth surface making the unit interior easy to clean and protecting against exposure to wiring and motor components.