Miele new CM6 MilkPerfection arrives on the market


Miele has recently enriched its range of countertop coffee machines with the CM6 MilkPerfection series, specialized in coffee varieties with milk. It is set to be launched in three versions and seven colours in September. The standout features in this series of machines also include intuitive operation, easier cleaning and other innovations. To obtain its particular ability in creating the milk froth Miele added two bursts of steam that enable it to create double milk frothing, as explained by Michael Wolbeck, Product Manager for coffee makers at the Miele Group, who said: «this double Venturi process not only increases the temperature of the milk froth but also creates a particularly light texture».
Moreover CM6 MilkPerfection ensures even greater convenience in the cleaning operations: the machine features a double tube, meaning it is no longer necessary to disconnect and reconnect the tubes when automatically rinsing the milk pipework. The first tube connects the milk container to the coffee machine, while the second is used for the rinse water. Depending on the model, a glass milk container is included in the delivery. The container is dishwasher-safe, as are the drip tray, water container and waste container. The brew unit on every Miele machine can be removed and easily cleaned under the tap. Four preset modes provide additional user convenience. 
Regarding the kinds of beverages that can be prepared with this model, there is a very wide choice: 18 in total including espresso macchiato, flat white and numerous tea varieties. To suit their preferences, users can amend the quantities of water, milk and froth at any point during preparation. Further settings, such as the quantity of coffee that is ground, water quantity, water temperature and pre-brewing option, can be stored – subject to the model – in four or eight custom user profiles.
A further new addition is the fact that all models in the CM6 series are network-enabled. Using the Miele app and a smartphone or tablet, it is possible, for example, to display the current cleaning status of the machine, start preparing a beverage remotely (MobileControl) or control the machine via voice commands and Amazon Alexa. The app can also be used to order more Miele coffee.
Depending on the model, seven colour combinations are available, including Lotus white, Obsidian black CleanSteelMetallic and Graphite grey PearlFinish. The CM6 MilkPerfection will be available from retailers in three models from September.