Gourmet hob by Ernestomeda: a new concept in the kitchen

Gourmet gas hob by Ernestomeda (Giuseppe Bavuso design)

The Gourmet hob has been designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Ernestomeda. It is conceived as a traditional hob with a continuous grid that can also be used as supporting surface. In this way, the whole area available can be used as a supporting surface regardless of burner position. The cast iron grids are though and durable as those of professional cookers and they are also very practical because they allow pots and pans of any size to be placed on a uniform, unique stable surface. Moreover, Gourmet hobs feature one-piece burners easy to extract for a practical cleaning and the 90 cm model is also equipped with a 4 kW double frame central burner adjusted using two knobs, one for the outer and the other for the inner flame. The stabilized flame burners fitted on gas hobs optimized energy use and reduce toxic emissions to more than 50% below the legal limits. For a safe use, then, Gourmet gas hobs are equipped with electronic ignition and quick acting safety valve. The Gourmet collection also includes an induction hob with screen-printed design that recalls the pattern of the continuous grid of the gas hob. It is available in size 70 cm with 4 cooking zones, selective pan sensing, limiter with 9 power levels, Bridge and Booster functions.