Lg robovac ensures hygiene and ease of use


Many are the solutions that can be very useful to keep the home clean without too much effort. Among these, LG Electronics presents its CordZeroThinQ R9 robotic vacuum. This appliance makes easy work without the user having to break a sweat. It is equipped with the most modern and advances tools, such as deep learning technology and two sensors (including a 3D View sensor that can see 160 degrees at once), allowing the robot cleaner accurately categorizes obstacles and rooms by type, cleaning and navigating its way around the house without any assistance. 
Using a smartphone, the LG ThinQ™ app also allows to select which rooms to clean from any location: LG CordZeroThinQ R9 goes about its business of creating a healthier and fresher home. Hygiene is ensures by the 5-Step Filtration System, that filters out on average 99.99 percent of particulates 0.5-4.2㎛ in size1, helping to reduce the presence of dust mites, cat dander, pollen and fungi.