New Electrolux dishwashers with QuickSelect: functional and eco-friendly


Electrolux has equipped the new range of dishwashers with a very interesting innovation: the intuitive QuickSelect interface. With this system, by setting the mix of power and duration of the user’s favourite wash, the appliance provides an immediate feedback on water and energy consumption. This new technology is available on eight built-in models, recognized with the iF Design Award 2019 for design and technological innovation.
QuickSelect allows to select the ideal cycle time for each load on the slider interface, guaranteeing excellent results every time. Thanks to the intelligent sensors of the AutoSense program the dishwasher automatically adjusts the time, temperature and water usage based on the level of dirt for each load.
As Electrolux underlines, according to a research conducted by the University of Bonn, on average dishwashers consume 10 liters of water and 0.82 kwh of energy compared to 103 liters and 2.5 kwh of a traditional hand washing. The company, which has always been studying innovations able to accompany people towards a responsible lifestyle, has equipped the new dishwashers with technologies to also live the moment of washing in full respect of the environment. SprayZone, for example, present in two models of the range, allows water to reach the most difficult zones thanks to a powerful pressure to remove even the most stubborn stains, optimizing the cleaning performance by 50%. The Electrolux dishwashers, moreover, equipped with the precise and efficient Inverter motor, for shorter and quieter washing programs, can be fed with hot water available in the network (up to 60° C), produced by solar panels, gas boilers , pellets or other. And to zero the energy consumption even during stand-by, the AutoOff function automatically turns off the appliance ten minutes after the end of the set program.
Available in different capacities, from 13 to 15 place settings, and in A +++ and A ++ energy classes, the new Electrolux range of dishwashers make dish cleaning practical with special attention to the environment.