Another project in New York for ARAN


The Italian brand ARAN is supplying its products for a prestigious project in 125 Greenwich Street in New York, an elitist residential skyscraper that the group is currently furnishing with 273 kitchens, 453 bathrooms and 923 wardrobes.
The Italian company has made its contract division the driving force for a wide international development, bringing made-in-Italy style all over the world. The sartorial capacity and craftsmanship of ARAN Cucine is 100% Made in Italy, taking place entirely in 7 production plants in Abruzzo, and ensuring that the very high quality of the products is increasingly appreciated all over the world.
This is not the first project of ARAN in New York, because the company has already supplied its kitchens in another building in  432 Park Avenue. For the new project, the March & White studio in London  has chosen to pay particular attention to materials and finishes combined with three precise color palettes; Aqua, Terra and Stratus, neutral tones in which you can hear the echo of the elements that surround the building, perfectly visible from the large and large windows: the fresh water of the river, the buildings of New Downtown and the dotted New York sky of clouds. Each residence is personalized with custom-made furniture and accessories, and the company has created each kitchen on a precise design, playing with three shades: light, intermediate or dark wood, used for the bases and wall units, goes together from time to time to glass in rose gold, bronze and nickel used for aluminum frame doors.