Faber, air matters



The products line by Faber – the company from Marche region (Italy) that invented the kitchen hood and that since 2005 is part of the Franke group – stands out for its perfect mix of elegance and functionality.

Cutting edge technology and the most modern design are perfectly represented by Glow, a true hero product, iconic and trendy, designed by Carlo Colombo, one of the most important and famous Italian architects.

Thanks to its smart and elegant lines, Glow is a real sophisticated piece of furniture. Light is the distinctive trait of this chandelier hood: a circular Led creates a thin illuminated line, tuned with the latest trends in lighting design, while a more powerful and warm light involves the lower body, making the appliance a luminous sculpture. Elegance is perfectly combined with functionality: with Glow, the hood becomes a distinguishing complement of the living, equipped with the most advanced technologies. Available in black nickel and white, its avant-garde features position it in the A energy class.

The F-Light hoods range – consisting of Odette, Cèline and Belle models – represents the ideal choice for all types of is island kitchens.


Odette stands out for its modern, elegant and refined line. Available in two variants of color, black and grey matt, the body of the hood is characterized by two circular lines, placed in the upper and lower parts of the cylinder. These two details able to give movement to a smooth body, to mark rhythm and define significant chromatic contrasts: these shiny steel color joins the warm tones of black and grey matt to give life to a truly one of a kind model.


Cèline is a perfect model for modern kitchens winking at more classic furnishings. The smooth cone-shaped body, slightly wider at the base, receives a touch of light thanks to the steel detail: a   small metal band outlines the upper circumference, illuminating the model and making it more glam. Two are the colors available: country grey matt(in the picture) and warm white combined with country grey matt in the upper part.


Elegant and delicate as a flower, here is Belle. A model composed of two bodies, one above the other, with an essential design that highlights the colors contrast. Its peculiar shape resembles a tulip and highlights the two chromatic variations: the first have an elegant contrast between gold and warm dark grey matt; in the second one, two shades of grey matt, one lighter and one darker, give a brighter effect.

Both Glow and the products of the F-Light line are equipped with the “up & down” system (read more), that allows to move the hood close or far the hob according to the needs, and the exclusive Airlane technology, that allows to suck the air of the hood out of the kitchen without a direct connection to the ceiling, eliminating any form of pipe. The air is catched by the hood engine and sucked from above through a second motor positioned on the ceiling: an innovative and efficient solution designed and developed by Faber, which guarantees the best air purification.

Founded in 1955, as a company specialized in the processing of plastic materials and synthetic resins, since 1958 Faber has been dedicating to the production of extractor hoods for kitchen, realizing the first Plexiglas model and creating the so-called "Fabriano hood district". The strong passion and determination in its goals allow the company to transform itself from a local to a global company, expanding at worldwide level, thanks to continuous acquisitions of different manufacturing sites. Present in 4 continents, with plants in 8 countries (Italy, Sweden, France, Argentina, Turkey, India, Russia and Mexico) and a sales office in the USA, Faber is one of the three top worldwide producers of kitchen hoods. In Italy, where one hood every two is Faber, the Group is first in its sector, while at international level it is present with its own brand and with local leading brands. The continuous internationalization and openness to new challenges has led Faber to become part of the Franke Group, the big Swiss multinational leader in the Kitchen System. In 2016 Faber makes a rebranding and presents the new “Air Matters” payoff , with which it underlines what has always been its mission: to create appliances able of transforming the kitchen air into comfort in order to give new life to the kitchen environment.