Iranian market exports home appliances for more than 170 million dollar


According to the Financial Tribune, Iran Home Appliances exports exceed 170 million dollar. Precisely, the Iranian market exports household appliances for a total value of 177 million dollar during the nine months to December, recording a growth of 1 million dollar compared to the same period of the previous year. These data have been reported by an official with Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, during a meeting attended by members of Iran’s Home Appliances Industries Association and of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture’s Export Promotion Commission. As wrote by the Financial Tribune, the official spoke about that challenges facing by Iranian exporters, that include a high tariff of 50% imposed by the Iraqi government, a major destination of Iranian home appliances, higher transportation costs and the government’s mandate for exporters to repatriate their foreign currency earnings and sell them at rates lower than the market rates.
Home appliances in Iran are used by all urban and rural segments and are commonplace in both households and offices. However, the production of these appliances internally is unable to meet the demand of the country, and therefore presents a significant investment opportunity.
According to ILIA Corporation, consultancy firm specializing in the Iranian market, in 2016 there were 560 active manufacturing facility with 30.000 direct employees. In the same year, refrigerators and freezers reached 1.070.000 units, and which of tv sets about 1.530.000.