LIVING KITCHEN: four new solutions by Alpes-Inox


The IMM LivingKitchen Fair, that will take place in Cologne, from 14 to 20 January 2019, will see the presence of Alpes-Inox, in the Hall. 4.2 Stand B020. For the occasion the Italian company will present four new options as part of the project “Liberi in Cucina”, the system of independent elements that goes beyond the traditional concept of cooking. The first solution is an unstructured kitchen, featuring modules with separate functions that can be used in all manner of combinations.

The second is a range of kitchens with combined functions, bringing together all the vital elements of the kitchen: washing, cooking, preparation and storage. All the kitchen in a limited space. A complete, self-sufficient and elegant system of instruments.

At LivingKitchen Alpes-Inox will also present an all-inclusive islands, a universal module that works on all four sides rather than just one, making living more fluid, dynamic and efficient. This islands merge the functions of washing, cooking, preparation, disposal and storage: an all-inclusive package expressing the very essence of the kitchen in a limited space.

The fourth proposal of the Italian company is a mix of kitchen columns, vertical steel structures, that make the most of the height of the kitchen. They can be of two types: for a single function or multi-functional, combining appliances (refrigerator, oven, dishwasher) with storage spaces.