Candy presents the new Smart Steam ovens range


Smart Steam is a new range of ovens by Candy, characterized by the addition of steam during the traditional cooking. This special formula allows to prepare many kind of recipes with optimal results. The ovens of the new Candy collection are also very easy to use: users have only to pour water into the oven cavity, activate one of the 3 “steam” functions and press a button to turn the liquid into steam.
The addition of steam in cooking allows to give the food a perfect softness and a light internal consistency without altering taste. Combining with traditional cooking, it also helps to keep crispy dishes outside. Moreover, this function enhances the preparation of food that need leavening such as bread, focaccia, brioches and cakes.
All the ovens of the “Smart Steam” feature the functions of the Candy Simply-Fi app that suggests recipes and gives useful advices. In addition, thanks to the “Aquactiva” hydrolytic cleaning system, it is very easy to clean the oven too. This system is effective just at 90 °: thanks to the effect of hydrolysis, the residues are softened and make cleaning easier. Just pour 300 ml of distilled water into the oven cavity and heat it for 30 minutes; at the end of the program, simply rub with a sponge or a cloth to remove dirt residues. Some models also offer a double cleaning system: the hydrolysis and the pyrolytic one.