Ernestomeda: partnership with Custom Line


The know-how of the Italian Ernestomeda is strong also in the Yacht sector, where the company brings its long experience in building high-quality kitchens. Ernestomeda Yacht Division, the corporate division specialist in the design of kitchens for yachts, megayachts and large pleasure craft, has been working closely with Custom Line ever since 2005, to design and build highly customised kitchens outstanding for their rational use of living space, design, safety and the ease with which they are adapted to the needs of the yachting sector. Now, the Ernestomeda Milan flagship store displays the scale model of the Navetta 37 by Custom Line, one of the Ferretti Group brands. Ernestomeda is continuing its well established partnership with the Group brand which is specialised in building fibreglass yachts over 28 metres in length.